A Review OF 2015 at hartley lands.

8 Waters.

206 matches.

a whole new all-time leaderboard.

4,532 chances of making the top spot. 


The number of matches we hosted across all of our lakes and ponds this year



we are HARTLEY

 All time, all lake leaderboard


This leaderboard feaures all the top weights from all lakes since we began recording match results online on the 1st January 2012


1st - J. Bryant 362lb (Nick's) - 2015

2nd - D. Gladwin 354lb 05oz (Nick's) - 2013

3rd - N. Gilbert 342lb 06oz (Nick's) - 2014

4th - P. Upperton 328lb 08oz (Pear Tree) - 2012

5th - D. Gladwin 324lb 08 (Nick's) - 2013

6th - D. Corner 323lb 04oz (Farm Res) - 2014

7th - M. Vincent 319lb 06oz (Nick's) - 2013

8th - N. Gilbert 303lb (Nick's) - 2012

9th - A. Betteridge 301lb 08oz - 2015

10th - G. Vallance 297lb 15oz (Nick's) - 2013

11th - J. Sheldrick 292lb (Nick's)

12th - M. Brett 287lb (Bramley) - 2014 

13th - J. Simms 286lb (Nick's) - 2015

14th - N. Gilbert 285lb 06oz (Nick's) - 2012

15th - C. Taylor 280lb (Nick's) - 2015

16th - R. Keeble 279lb 06oz (Nick's) - 2015

17th - P. Jones 278lb (Nick's) - 2015

18th - S. Scott 271lb 02oz (Nick's) - 2015

19th - A. Docker 172lb (Farm Reservoir) - 2012

20th - P. Upperton 270lb 08oz (Farm Reservoir) - 2013

        = P. Wrighton 270lb 08oz (Bramley) - 2014

22nd - K. Axell 266lb 02oz (Bramley) - 2015

23rd - J. Kursey 266lb (Nick's) - 2015

24th - T. Benson 263lb (Nick's) - 2015

25th - T. White 255lb 07oz (Nick's) - 2015 



The number of new entrants into the top 25 match weights of all time leaderboard in 2015



of the 25 biggest match weights were caught on Nick's Lake, the other three were all on Bramley 



lakes and ponds broke their all time record this year. Those four were Nick's, Bramley, Henniker and Finches.



The number of likes we have on Facebook, 181 up  on our total of 224 last year. 



New entrants to our  complete leaderboards, congratulations if you are one of them. 

all water leaderboard 2015



1st - J. Bryant 362lb (Nick's)

2nd - A. Betteridge 301lb 08oz (Bramley)

3rd - J. Sheldrick 292lb (Nick's)

4th - J. Simms 286lb 06oz (Nick's)

5th - C. Taylor 280lb (Nick's)

6th - R. Keeble 279lb 06oz (Nick's)

7th - W. Peaty 278lb 02oz (Nick's)

8th - P. Jones 278lb (Nick's)

9th - S. Scott 271lb 14oz (Nick's)

10th - K. Axell 266lb 02oz (Bramley)

11th - J. Kursey 266lb (Nick's)

12th - T. Benson 263lb (Nick's)

13th - N. Allen 260lb 04oz (Nick's)

14th - T. White 255lb 07oz (Nick's)

15th - A. Lodger 251lb 08oz (Nick's)



Nick's lake leaderboard 2015



1st - J. Bryant 362lb

2nd - J. Sheldrick 292lb

3rd - J. Simms 286lb 06oz

4th - C. Taylor 280lb

5th - R. Keeble 279lb 06oz

6th - W. Peaty 278lb 02oz

7th - P. Jones 278lb

8th - S. Scott 271lb 14oz

9th - J. Kursey 266lb

10th - T. Benson 263lb

11th - N. Allen 260lb 04oz

12th - T. White 255lb 07oz

13th - A. Loader 251lb 08oz

14th - P. Benge 250lb 04oz

15th - Nick 250lb





1st - A. Betteridge 301lb 08oz

2nd - K. Axell 266lb 02oz

3rd - J. Bryant 245lb 06oz

4th - M. Brett 225lb 01oz

5th - A. Bland 217lb 06oz

6th - D. Fisher 201lb

7th - D. Ward 196lb 11oz

8th - P. Wrighton 194lb 04oz

9th - P. Joiner 193lb

10th - N. Allen 189lb 01oz

11th - A. Wells 179lb 14oz

12th - M. Durling 175lb 14oz

13th - E. Bates 173lb 04oz

14th - A. Ringwood 171lb 12oz

15th - E. Costin 169lb 10oz






1st - T. Hillyer 236lb 12oz

2nd - J. Bryant 213lb 04oz

3rd - C. Prophet 164lb 11oz

4th - T. Goff 151lb

5th - C. Pritchard 149lb 08oz

6th - D. Lockwood 149lb 06oz

7th - R. Keeble 147lb 09oz

8th - P. Chapman 133lb

9th - R. Keeble 130lb 08oz

10th - J. Sancto 116lb 10oz

11th - N. Adcock 113lb

12th - S. Peters 106lb 10oz

13th - G. Hough 103lb 08oz

14th - W. Works 95lb 08oz

15th - M. Voller 95lb





1st - I. Jacobs 205lb 06oz

2nd - J. Bryant 200lb

3rd - M. Phillips 193lb

4th - N. Allen 188lb 03oz

5th - W. Short 187lb 02oz

6th - C. Taylor 182lb

7th - P. Chapman 179lb 08oz

8th - M. Powell 177lb

9th - J. Simms Jr. 175lb 08oz

10th - J. Simms Sr. 173lb 08oz

11th - D. Corneille 170lb 02oz

12th - N. Adcock 163lb 08oz

13th - P. Barrett 163lb 02oz

14th - G. Pizzy 162lb 08oz

15th - M. Goddard 162lb







1st - T. Imms 205lb 03oz 

2nd - M. Mitchell 145lb 04oz (Henniker)

3rd - M. Mitchell 125lb (Henniker)

4th - W. Mitchell 90lb (Henniker)

5th - N. Luxford 86lb 04oz

6th - D. Ralph 55lb (Henniker)

7th - R. Lovewell 52lb 08oz (Finches)

8th - P. Boyce 51lb 12oz

9th - N. Churchill 41lb 08oz (Finches)

10th - T. Blunt 37lb 08oz (Henniker)

11th - C. Easter 26lb 06oz (Finches)

12th - D. Shipp 25lb (Finches)

13th - B. French 4lb 10oz (Finches)

14th - G. Leadley 4lb 09oz (Finches)



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HARTLEY in 2015


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HARTLEY in 2015


2015 has been a big year for Hartley Lands and for all of you who fished with us.

A big year for catch weights.

A big year for match numbers.

A big year for all-time leaderboards.

But instead of waffling on, we will let the year talk for itself.


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